Baby Boomers Be Prepared

The Term Of The Baby Boomers was given to the huge increase in the number of babies being born between the years of 1946 to 1964. It is thought that after the second world war had ended and the feel good factor with new, bigger, better and brighter future played a big factor the new births being registered.

However we are now  in the period where these same babies
and reaching the age where they will be completing the cycle of life and this of course means that we are most likely to see an increase in the number of deaths being registered.


Baby Boomers 1946-64

Obviously whenever a new life is produced the whole family and friends will want to celebrate and no doubt ‘wet the babies head’ (possibly an English Saying meaning to have a drink & toast the child’s birth). From the very first day the child will be loved and looked after where its every need will be met. As parents we are responsible for the child’s welfare, we feed and clothe them we nurse them through ill health and we are pleased to be able to do so, through good times and bad, but eventually they  will reach an age where they will be ready to leave the nest and begin to make their own way through life’s challenges.

This period where your children have flown the nest, its often tinged with mixed emotions, you will be pleased with their achievements but saddened that they have moved away and it is not surprising that we as parents can suffer this loss in the form of depression pretty much as we would grieve for the loss of a family member had died.

We must bear in mind that our lives are very unpredictable and a huge number of events could befall us but one thing is certain and that is we will at some point die. Its a sad fact that everyone must accept and even prepare for as much as possible. It makes sense that if the number of births that were registered between 1946 & 1964 increased significantly then at some point we will see the number of deaths being registered will also increase in number in the coming years.

Okay, so many people die every day, but the question is “Are you prepared for it?” I know that we don’t have a crystal ball and not many people can say that they know to the second exactly when they will die.

We know that everything has a cost associated with it even babies and children have a cost attributed with them for medical bills and clothing etc. So when anyone dies there will be a cost associated with their death and their subsequent funeral service. This cost is usually paid by the family unless that person has been prepared and purchased a Pre-paid Funeral Plan which is usually an Insurance backed product.

When a family suffers a bereavement there will obviously be much sadness as they begin to come to terms with the death and the grieving process begins, however someone needs to take charge and deal with the arrangements and follow the deceased persons wishes, that is if they made any arrangements.

I can’t imagine a scenario where a family cannot afford to cover the costs of a funeral, without going into debt. This is one of the reasons why everyone should really give this some thought and think about their requirements and begin to take steps to ensure that your own family will not be financially embarrassed or put into difficulty.

Its perfectly normal for us to feel a little scared about death especially when considering their own death. One thing you can consider doing is to build your own legacy, something for your family to remember you by even if its simply living a good life, the best you can.

In the states alone it is anticipated that the death rates will increase by as much as 3.5 million which is about fifty percent for the United States alone and this is likely to continue increasing through to around 2035

All life has a cycle and a timeline just as we ourselves do, but for the baby boomers, times almost up, they really should consider getting organised. So many of us are living longer and healthier lives thanks to new medical and technical advances allowing us to enjoy extended lives and much better standards of living than our previous generations.

This extended living does however come as a double edged sword and it may be that we are not quite ready to face up to seeing the number of deaths rise to this extent but we really must face up to this fact because it is going to happen ready or not.

There are not many married partners discussing their own demise where they should be making plans;

a. for the financial aspect and

b. The preference’s for their funeral arrangements

I suppose many people may find the subject too difficult to discuss their own deaths even though it is a fact that it is going to happen at some point so it is far better to be prepared.

The fact that the baby boomers made history with their huge increase in numbers and they will do so again as the death toll rises as expected.

They came into the world and their generation was highly noted in history because of their large number. And now, they will again make a history, only now, they would be parting this world.

Most of today’s society do want to be prepared well in advance of their end. You can begin by discussing your preferences for what you would like to have done with your body and being an organ donor and then there are the plans for your funeral and burial or cremation  and how it will be funded.

You need to remember that if everything is sorted out beforehand it will make it lest stressful when the time eventually comes. They will be able to spend the remaining time with you and begin the grieving process which will be difficult enough after the loss of their loved one.