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Grief Is A Process Not An Illness


Grief is a Process Not An Illness

It really is surprising that some people think that anyone suffering from grief especially the type of grief following a loss is ill. They do not know how to act or what to say or even worse they treat them as invalids and try to do everything for them.


Grief and how to deal with it depends on who is affected and why and it could also depend on so many different facts. So trying to weave a path through the effects of Grief and trying to help someone who is attempting to go through the grieving process.
Anyone living and trying to cope with grief is never going to be easy. I am a professional Staff Nurse working in a busy Hospital and unfortunately Sickness and Death is no stranger to me. I see the results of loss and grief first hand, I see it when the person is first affected or is diagnosed with a terminal illness, I see it in their eyes and there expression is one of fear in most cases then other feelings take over and once the shock has worn off they settle into denial and anger and then into sadness as they begin to accept their fate and deal with their family if they have one.
But exactly how we will react to our own demise or that of a close relative, friend or even a loved pet, it doesn’t matter, the various stages are pretty much the same it is we who are different and each one of us will deal with grief in our own personal way. But what is important, is that we each need dealing-with-griefto go through the process of grieving, in whichever way we must, in order to come out of it on the other side, feeling that they are going to survive and that they have coped with it and life will get better and they can begin to move on.

My name is  Michelle and I deal with loss and grieving friends and family on a regular basis so I feel that I am quite familiar with the process and that is probably the first thing you should know about grieving, it is a well known fact, grieving is a process that we must and should go through, we may each show different signs and we will no doubt take various times to go through the process, but go through it we must.
The first thing to do before any grieving process begins or id likely to have any kind of effect on our lives is to properly acquaint ourselves with the stages of grief and the grieving process that the persons suffering are likely to go through, what it means and what we can do as ordinary people who may be Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters in fact anyone can and should know how to spot the signs of people grieving and possibly how to help them.

I was once taught that grief is the process that allows us to accept whatever has happened and be ready to move on. There have been a number of papers written by various professionals over the years. But they have mostly come to similar conclusions. They provide a guide that can help to explain how to prepare people what to expect and how to deal with and throughout the grieving process.

The guide is known as “The 5 Stages of Grief” originally from the late Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.